About Trina Stewart

Imagine an Independant Marketing Consultant who will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re on target to meet your marketing goals?

Hiring a marketing consultant is easy right? Absolutely!

Hiring a marketing consultant who will work within your team is the challenge. Sure, your company can hire someone to skillfully create a social media campaign or a large scale postal mail-drop as developing these materials are EASY. However, any GREAT marketing campaign involves advocates and a SMART Approach.

Your Advocates

These advocates typically involves your team, your friends and your family.

Sadly, the most challenging buy-in is your team. Change is difficult. Working outside of your “job description”, involves lengthy conversations. This is where Trina Stewart Consulting comes into play. By having a consultant with the ability to communicate effectively with you team that any initiative is a win-win, while keeping your projects on target, is your golden nugget to success.


Most campaigns requires a Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time targeted approach.

Having a consultant who is well versed in project management, administration and marketing is your gateway to achieving your measurable campaigns within a realistic and measurable timeline.

About Trina Stewart Consulting

My name is Trina Stewart. I have been in marketing since the age of 22. That gives me 25 years of experience. I have worked with many large and small organizations including Rice Cosmetic Surgery, Design Electronics Inc. , HOSS Magazine, and MoreSALES.

Since marketing these days involves a copious amount of photography and video, I am currently studying Photography at Fanshawe College to provide a skillful visual and interactive approach to your marketing requirements. Whether it’s for social media or a product campaign, Trina Stewart Consulting will manage and assist to achieve your objectives, your goals, and your project to provide the most current and innovative campaigns.